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New dramas for Riisa

Hey all, I know this community has pretty much died (and most people have left LJ) but I thought I'd share that Naka Riisa has been in/will be in three new dramas!
-Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo (which has already finished airing and no one has subbed in English- don't be tempted to click on the websites that say they have them, they don't work ☹️)
-Plage (she'll be co-starring again with Hoshino Gen! Yay!)
-Black Leather Notebook (and co-starring with Takei Emi!)

It's good to see her so hard at work! Now if someone would just make English subs for them. 😂

Riisa stars in new drama "Yube no Karee, Ashita no Pan"

It has been announced that Naka Riisa will be starring in the drama  "Yube no Karee, Ashita no Pan" or "Last Night's Curry, Tomorrow's Bread". The drama is based from the bestselling novel of the same title. The drama will air on NHK BS Premium starting October 5 at 10:00pm for 7 episodes.


Novel's Synopsis:

Kazuki Terayama died from an illness at the young age of 25. In a tone both humorous and heartwarming, the story follows the subsequent lives of people who were close to him, particularly his widow, Tetsuko, and weathercaster father, Rentaro.

Seven years after Kazuki’s death, Tetsuko and Rentaro remain in the 80-year-old Japanese-style home where they all lived together during the two brief years that Tetsuko and Kazuki were married. Other key figures in the story include Kazuki’s mother, Yuko, who also died at a young age; their next-door neighbor, Takara (female), who grew up with Kazuki; and Kazuki’s cousin, Torao (male). The multilayered narrative explores, through a series of episodes, relationships among family members both with and without blood ties.

yubecurry03 yubecurry02

The main arc of the story centers on the question of Tetsuko getting remarried. Iwai, a colleague at the trading company where she works, proposes to her, but she can’t bring herself to accept. Iwai dines with Rentaro and Tetsuko from time to time at their home. On one such occasion, he thinks to himself that it may have been insensitive of him to press so persistently for Tetsuko’s hand, and that perhaps there is no room for him in the life Rentaro and Tetsuko have established for themselves. For his part, an intoxicated Rentaro tells Iwai, “People change. It’s such a cruel thing. But at the same time, it’s our only salvation.” Rentaro himself is contending with a gambling addiction in his past; Iwai falls victim to a scam and loses a large sum of money to a grade-school girl; the career-driven Takara falls into a depression and quits her job . . . Affirmative in its stance, the narrative warmly accepts people as they are, warts and all, treating even the most unfortunate errors in judgment and weaknesses of heart as an inevitable part of the human condition. - source: booksfromjp

Naka Riisa - Terayama Tetsuko
Kaga Takeshi - Terayama Rentaro
Hoshino Gen - Terayama Kazuki
Mizobata Junpei - Iwai Masaharu
Ono Yuriko - Yanagida Rieko (GidaRie)
Mimura - Oda Takara (Mumumu)
Katagiri Hairi - Akiyama Asako [Original drama character]
Kaku Kento - Takeuchi Torao
Fukushi Seiji - Sakai-kun
Yoshida Yo - (Yama girl- Ogawa Satoko)

Official Website: http://www.nhk.or.jp/drama/yubecurry/

Riisa in 2014 Spring Getsu9 drama!

Hello everyone! Long time no post! (^_^;)

Riisa will be in FujiTV Spring's Getsu9 drama "Gokuaku Ganbo" starring Ono Machiko.


Synopsis: When Kanzaki Kaoru (Ono Machiko) was young, her family’s okonomiyaki shop went bankrupt and grew up in poverty. Then her parents passed away. After she graduated from junior high school, she drift from one job to the next and managed to save 1 million yen. However, she is conned by her colleague (Miura Shohei). This saddles her with heavy debt from Kaneko Chiaki (Miura Tomokazu) of Koshimizu Management Consultants, a specialist at fixing problems without the intervention of the police and lawyers. Plunged into the underworld where betrayals and jumping the gun on each other are constants, Kaoru tries to claw her way up from the pits with her fighting instincts. --- jdramas.wordpress

sources: Official Website | Oricon | Cinematoday
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Baby Boy for Riisa

Surprised no one posted this, but Riisa gave birth to a baby boy on the 4th of October. He is pretty small with just 2650g, but he is a genki baby! Aw! She sounds totally happy and loving in her blog entry about the birth, it is really heartwarming. I wish her all the best, and hope to see her in another drama soon. She deserves a long acting career.

This is a report from Naka Riisa



2人の合言葉はBIG LOVE。



中尾明慶 仲里依紗

We have decided to get married.

We met four years ago, and we became very good friends, there was a mutual respect for each other, we are sure that we can build a happy family, so we decided to get married.

Our password is BIG LOVE.

We will walk life with this important word.

Although we're still immature, we will give our best, please watch over us warmly
and from here on, please guide us.

Nakao Akiyoshi Naka Riisa
DISCLAIMER: I know I've done this literally because my knowledge in japanese is very basic. XD I do this for the sole purpose of learning so if there are any mistakes, please feel free to correct me. ^^;


Nakao Akiyoshi & Naka Riisa to get married; expecting first child in autumn


Nakao Akiyoshi and Naka Riisa announced their impending marriage through a fax statement by Nakao's agency on 21 March. The date of their marriage registration has yet to be decided. On the other hand, it was also made known that Naka is currently three months' pregnant and will be giving birth in autumn this year.

The fax statement mentioned that the couple first met in the 2009 movie "Toki wo kakeru shoujo" and worked together again in the NHK drama "Tsurukame Jousanin". They started dating after the drama wrapped up filming last October. In the statement, they said that although they first met four years ago, they had been good friends before they began dating. The couple said that they believe that they would be able to build a happy family with each other and thus decided to get married. They are not living together at the moment and plans for the wedding are still undecided.

Source: doramaworld | Yomiuri Hochi | Oricon

I'm totally shocked but congrats! I hope that both Riisa and her baby are healthy and that the three of them will form a happy family.
ETA: She just updated her blog and I translated it here.